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Need Snow Plowing? Why Not Get AMPed Up for It?

There's no getting around it: Snow will fall sooner or later. If you're busy replacing garden trowels with snow shovels, how about being really proactive and booking your snow plowing service? GMS will inspect your driveway ahead of time to identify any areas of concern. If you'd like to avoid steep monthly bills, snow plowing service can be rolled into GMS's AMP program, which sets one regular payment for 12 months. Planning ahead does pay off!

Your Fall Home Exterior Checklist

Are your fall planting and fall cleanup finished? Don't get too comfortable. Next up is getting your home's exterior ready for the cold season. This checklist covers the "must-dos" of ensuring that you've done everything possible to prevent problems.

If it’s Fall, it’s Time to Clean Up!

Fall is the favorite time of year for many people. Along with the beautiful colors and comfortable weather, though, comes a lot of work. Fall clean-up gets your yard and planting beds ready for the cold season ahead. The list of tasks isn't long, yet all are important.

Plant for Success With Your Fall Landscaping!

Even though fall is the best time to add or replace landscaping plants, your efforts can fall short if you make common mistakes getting them in the ground. A few key tips will help ensure that your new plants get established before the serious cold hits, and are ready to rejuvenate in spring.

New or Replacement Landscaping? Fall is the Best Time for New Plantings!

It's common knowledge that fall is a great season to grow new grass. It's also a perfect time to add new or replacement plantings to your landscaping! With summer's heat past, plants need less watering and can get rooted faster. Besides, you can find great deals at local nurseries!

Your Generosity Continues to Amaze!

The 2017 GMAC Golf Outing raised more than $16,000 for two great causes! There are so many people to thank for its 12 great years and, believe it or not, the momentum just keeps building! We're already excited for next year's outing (which, by the way, is Aug. 17, 2018).

A Burning Question: Which Materials are Best for an Outdoor Fire Pit?

You can make an outdoor fire pit as simple or deluxe as desired. Options abound when choosing materials. The walls around the pit especially offer a variety of choices, as well as the surrounding border ring. Which materials do you prefer? There's really no way to go wrong.

An Outdoor Fire Pit is Anything but the Pits!

Outdoor fire pits are increasingly popular in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI. A backyard fire pit is where marshmallows are roasted, stories told and relationships strengthened. If you've been thinking of adding a modern fire pit, options abound for how it's built, and the fuel it uses.

The Weather is Frightful, Yet the Season Delightful

Winter has struck hard, and early, this year. We hope Santa is ready when he climbs aboard his sleigh! Looking back on 2016, we at GMS are grateful for another amazing year of support from our customers, employees, vendors and everyone who participated in the events we get behind. We wish all of them a very merry Christmas, and cross our fingers for Santa!

Leaves Are Falling ... So Get Mowing!

The trees are emptying fast. Yards everywhere are covered with leaves. What should you do with all those leaves? The best option, believe it or not, involves going into the shed (or garage) and retrieving a device associated much more with summer than fall.

The rich hues that beautify fall are also a reminder to homeowners: time for fall yard cleanup. Leaves, lawn, gutters and planting beds all need attention. While fall is about endings, its cleanup looks to the future: preparing for the season ahead, and the spring rebirth that follows.

The GMAC Benefit Golf Outing entered its second decade in a big way, raising $14,000 for two great charities. The 11th annual event was once again the product of hard work by many people, coupled with generosity by many more. A tremendous thanks goes to all who golfed, volunteered, donated or sponsored. We plan to make the second decade even better than the first!

Growing season over? Not at all. Fall is an ideal time to plant trees, shrubs and other perennials. Weather conditions are cooperative, and there's plenty of time for plants to get established before frost hits. Get out in your planting beds, start digging and, as this post explains, don't dig too deep!

Golf for Two Great Causes is Just Two Weeks Away!

The second decade of the GMAC Benefit Golf Outing tees off in two weeks! Where has the time gone? Join us Aug. 19 at Ironwood Golf Course as we aim for a hole in one to benefit two great causes. If you've golfed with us before, you know how fun this event is; if not, come experience it for the first time!

A Mid-Summer Guide to Drought Survival

Mid-summer is typically hot and dry ... which affects lawns and landscaping in different ways. Lawns are best left alone to go dormant. Many landscape plantings, though, need regular attention to survive. Knowing a few basic practices can help both grass and plantings make it through a literal dry spell.

Ready ... Aim ... Fire at Lawn Weeds!

Feeling down because your grass is brown? Here's the bright side: Now is the ideal time to go after lawn weeds, already weakened by summer's drought conditions. Prepare some liquid weed killer and take them out. Before you start spraying, though, be sure you know what you're doing.

Shine Up Your Clubs, and Get Ready to Golf For Two Great Causes!

Have you ever known someone battling leukemia, or a parent raising an autistic child? Chances are the answer is "yes." When you join in the Aug. 19 GMAC Benefit Golf Outing, you'll be helping the friends, neighbors or relatives who live with these afflictions. Even better, you'll be part of a nationwide army that is making a huge difference in their lives.

Should You Water Your Lawn Now?

July brings hot, dry weather ... and usually brown lawns. Don't be alarmed. The grass is dormant and will green up when rains return. Maybe you don't like brown grass, though. If you decide to water the lawn, keep this in mind: Once started, it's advisable not to stop.

Your Plants are Thirsty. Do You Hear Them?

The season of heat and dryness is upon us. It's a tough time of year for landscaping plants. Unlike grass, they continue growing during this stretch. Barring unexpected rains, you have to step up and water them. How often, and how much? What are the symptoms of a stressed plant, anyway?

If it's June ... it's Time for "June Prune"

June is an ideal time to trim back perennials, shrubs and bushes. Doing so readies them for summer's heat and drought. Pruning correctly is all about timing, and understanding how (and how much) to cut off.

Join us as we golf "fore" great education and successful kids!

GMS is thrilled to hit the links Wednesday (June 22) as a sponsor of the Elmbrook Open, which raises money for the Elmbrook Education Foundation. The EEF directly supports our local schools, which provide a great education that creates successful kids ... who often become successful adults. Join us "fore" a great day of golf and fun!

Five Steps to Planting Great Annuals

Bought your annuals yet? It's that time of year. Even though they're short-lived, people love annuals for the color and zest they bring to our yards. Planting annuals is about more than just plopping them in the dirt, though. When you're ready to dig, these five steps will help you get the most enjoyment from your annuals.

While We're on the Subject of Golf ...

Golf season in Wisconsin only lasts so long. Many people try to get in as many rounds as possible ... which is why we're glad to announce yet another opportunity! The 11th annual GMAC Benefit Golf Outing is Aug. 19 at Ironwood Golf Course. The event again benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. Mark your calendar and plan to join us!

Great Golf (and Smarter Kids) Are Just a Month Away!

Golf can be fun and frustrating, all at the same time. Whether it makes you smarter, though, is anyone's guess. If you join us June 22 at the Elmbrook Open, you're guaranteed to make others smarter - specifically, kids in the Elmbrook School District! Whether you play the best round of your life, or the worst, you'll be helping to fund scholarships and innovative programs in our local schools.

Four Considerations in Choosing Your May Mulch

May is the ideal time to spruce up planting beds with fresh mulch. But which type of mulch? Each has its advantages and drawbacks - from cost, to aesthetics, to longevity. Understanding the differences allows you to make an informed decision ... and understand what it means for your landscaping.

May is the Time to Mulch!

Hands down, May is the best time of year to add mulch to your landscaping. Besides sprucing up planting beds, mulch retards weed growth and helps soil retain moisture. A 3-inch mulch depth is ideal. Even better, adding mulch is a simple do-it-yourself project that requires little more than a wheelbarrow and some shovels.

Your Spring Yard and Home Checklist, Part 2

Bare spots in the lawn? Sprucing up planting beds? Now is the time to get the yard ready for the warm season. Part 2 of our preparation checklist covers the important tasks waiting outdoors. Digging, mulching, fertilizing ... yes, it's all part of spring's annual rite of new beginnings.

Your Spring Yard and Home Checklist, Part 1

Spring in Wisconsin is unpredictable, to say the least. Are your home and yard ready for the change in seasons? Part 1 of our preparation checklist focuses on preparing your house to manage spring rains. Think those gutters are still clear from your final fall cleanup? Better look again.

Facing Down the Emerald Ash Borer

The discovery of the emerald ash borer in Brookfield puts all local ash trees at risk. Some might already be infected with the invasive pest. Even so, it's not a death sentence. Caught early, the ash borer can be stopped with proactive insecticide treatment. The key is recognizing the symptoms of an ash tree under attack.

Watching for the Emerald Ash Borer in Brookfield, WI

The emerald ash borer is in Brookfield, WI; no one knows quite how far it has spread, though. Our pruning and tree maintenance partner, Hoppe Tree Service, estimates that every local ash tree could be attacked within two years. The symptoms of an emerald ash borer infestation appear gradually - here's what to watch for in your ash trees.

Protecting Your Trees from the Emerald Invader

Given that one in five suburban trees in Wisconsin is an ash species, the recent discovery of the emerald ash borer in Brookfield should concern every homeowner who values their mature greenery. The presence of the Asian insect isn't necessarily a death sentence for ash trees. Protective measures exist. Act soon, though, because the emerald invader is expected to spread fast.

The emerald ash borer, an invasive pest blamed for killing millions of ash trees, has been discovered in Brookfield. Native to Asia, the tiny, metallic green beetle puts ash trees at risk throughout the area. Understanding the threat is the first step to protecting your trees.

GMS has partnered with Blackfinn Ameripub, Brookfield's newest dining destination, to give customers a good meal ... and the free time to enjoy it! Get a Blackfinn Ameripub gift card when you sign up for a weed & feed agreement, annual scheduled lawn mowing agreement, or a landscape design agreement. Handing off the yard work to GMS creates free time for you ... and what better way to enjoy it than dining for free?

Hopefully you cleaned your home's gutters in the fall. Have you checked them recently? Don't presume they're still OK - winter deposits all sorts of refuse onto roofs, which eventually winds up in gutters. Spring showers have already arrived. Don't wait until your gutters are spilling over to realize there's a problem!

Winter is hard on landscape plants. We throw (or blow) snow on them. Animals chew on them. With the snow melted, it's a good time to see how yours fared. If you find broken or damaged branches and limbs, repairing them now sets the stage for recovery when growing season returns.

Five Signs You're Overwatering Your Winter Houseplants

Are the leaves on your winter houseplants droopy, or a sickly yellow color? You might be overwatering your indoor greenery. More houseplants die from overwatering than underwatering, believe it or not. Watch for these symptoms of too much moisture, and use a simple test to determine when a plant really is thirsty.

Nature Pruned Last Week … Time to Finish the Job!

Friday's powerful wind gusts left broken tree branches littering the ground. While picking up the results of nature's pruning, be sure to look up. Are tree limbs dangling, perhaps over power lines or your house? Do remaining partial branches need to be trimmed back to a healthy degree? Now is the best time to act.

Five More Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Greenery Healthy in Winter

Spring is months away. If you crave gardening or working outdoors, caring for your indoor houseplants can help satisfy the need to nurture something green and living. These additional tips will help keep these humble roommates healthy, so they can freshen the air and add color and life to your living space.

Five Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Greenery Healthy In Winter

If you're a gardener, or someone who relishes the smell of fresh-cut grass after mowing, winter can be a tough time. Why not focus on your houseplants, which freshen the air and brighten our homes during the cold season? Granted, it's not the same. Taking care of indoor greenery, though, can cheer up spaces and make winter just a bit more bearable.

Join in a Year of "Difference-Making" With GMS!

One thing about winter in the landscaping business: It allows plenty of time to make plans. GMS has a calendar full of community and charitable activities planned for 2016 to make the Elmbrook area a better place to live, work and raise a family. We're big believers in teamwork, so the obvious question is: Will you join us?

Help GMS Help Your Kids' Elmbrook Schools!

Did you know that, in 2015, GMS donated $5,000 to Elmbrook schools chosen by its customers? We hope to donate even more in 2016. We'll donate 5 percent of all billed charges to the school(s) of your choice when you join the C.A.R.I.N.G. Group, a coalition of local businesses allied to support local schools. Best of all, it's completely free!

Five Reasons You Should Prune Your Trees Now

Tree pruning in winter? Believe it or not, the coldest months are the best time to trim most trees ... and we list five reasons why. You don't have to be out doing the work, either - the last point mentions that this is prime time to get great deals on pruning services.

Saying Goodbye to Your Christmas Tree

If you haven't already, it's probably time to say goodbye to this season's Christmas tree. It served its purpose, and now is probably making a mess of needles on the floor. Here's how to get the tree out of the house without even more mess and damage, and some ideas for its disposal.

How Are We Thankful? Let Us Count the Ways ...

Christmas is a season to give thanks. We at GMS offer up a short list for why we're thankful. Atop the reasons, of course, is our customers. Our gratitude to them knows no bounds. In fact, we're thankful for our entire community, which allows us not only to be in business, but to help those in need among us.

The Snow is Coming. Prepare for What's Ahead!

December has been amazingly snow-free. It won't last. If you've put off preparing for winter's wrath, don't wait much longer. Take advantage of the reprieve nature has granted, to prepare your driveway, walkways and sidewalks for the conditions we all know are ahead.

Five Tips for Keeping Your Christmas Tree Healthy

You found a great Christmas tree ... so how do you keep it looking (and smelling) great? The work begins from the moment you leave the tree lot. These tips will help ensure that you're able to enjoy your tree as long as possible.

Six Steps to Choosing the Greatest Christmas Tree Ever

Ready to pick out a Christmas tree? You want one that looks good and smells good ... kind of like a dance partner, right? Our six-step guide will help you pick out a tree to brighten any house, fill it with a fresh aroma, and make the holiday worth dancing about.

Winter is Nearing - Why Not AMP Up for It?

Winter - and snow plowing - is right around the corner. It's a good opportunity to remind you of our Annual Maintenance Program (AMP), which evenly spreads out payment for a variety of GMS services over 12 months. No surprises or uncertainty - isn't that a good thing for household finances?

We Asked ... and You Responded, to Help Knock Out Hunger!

Hunger exists everywhere ... and people understand this, judging by the overwhelming response to our community drive for the New Berlin Food Pantry. Our neighbors outdid themselves yet again with their generous donations. We offer a heartfelt "thank you" to all who participated, including the many local businesses who partnered in our success.

Fall Yard Cleanup, Part 2

Getting your yard ready for winter doesn't stop at raking leaves. Pay some attention to your home's exterior. A few basic - but important - jobs can help prevent messy (and costly) problems when the weather turns.

Fall Yard Cleanup, Part 1

Fall is nearing its end. Have you started fall yard cleanup yet? A small checklist of "to-do" items will prepare your yard for winter, and new growth that awaits in spring.

What to Do With All Those Leaves?

Fall is aptly named. Leaves cascade to the ground, often very quickly. They shouldn't just be left on your lawn or in planting beds, where they can harm grass or other greenery. You have to rake the beds - no question there. As for the rest ... just pull out an oft-used tool of summer.

Three Steps to Smart Fall Pruning

Busy raking leaves? Don't overlook another important part of fall landscaping: rejuvenation pruning. Cutting back plantings now prepares them to return, green and strong, in spring. Our three-step guide ensures that your fall pruning will leave planting beds ready to spring back.

Help Us Feed the Hungry in Our Communities!

Does hunger really exist in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI? Yes, unfortunately. The New Berlin Food Pantry serves up to 125 households each month in these communities. We're gearing up for another big delivery to the pantry - and you can help!

Take a Deep Breath ... and Aerate!

Fall lawn aeration gives your grass a healthy shot of air, water and nutrients right before its hibernation. An aerator is a unique piece of equipment, though. You'll know this the moment you lift it out of your truck or trailer.

Give Your Lawn a Deep Breath This Fall!

You walk across your lawn, and are stunned by how hard it feels. No, the ground isn't frozen yet. The soil is just compacted from a summer's worth of activity. Fall lawn aeration loosens things up, and gives your lawn a healthy breath as it heads into dormancy.

Give Your Lawn One Last Good "Meal" With Fall Fertilizing

If you were embarking on a months-long fast, wouldn't you want a good meal first? This is the situation your lawn faces as the seasons change. Fall grass fertilizing strengthens a lawn for the lean months ahead, and helps store energy for a spring green-up (even if that seems a LONG way off). Know which fertilizer to use, and get your spreader rolling!

Five Steps to Great New Fall Grass!

Bare spots in your lawn? Dead patches? Fall is the best time to grow new grass, hands down. It's not difficult, either. Follow this five-step process, and you'll fill those areas in soon. Be diligent, especially with watering, and nature will take care of the rest.

Ten Years, Six Figures ... All for Great Causes!

Well, you did it again. Thanks to everyone who participated in, sponsored or donated to this year's GMAC Golf Outing, we raised $17,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin! Ready for more good news? This golf outing has raised more than $100,000 for charity in its first 10 years! What will the second decade bring?

Multiply Your Plants by Division!

How can you gain additional perennials for your planting beds, without spending a dime? Simple - divide the large plants you already have. Fall is the perfect time to separate perennials, and replant the smaller sections. It's multiplying by division ... which admittedly sounds a bit odd. Nevertheless, the math works.

Fall Awaits ... and Opportunities, Too

Fall is many people's favorite season. For others, it signals the end of an all-too-brief summer. No matter your perspective, fall is the perfect time for your yard to recover from the damage of summer drought. We'll explain exactly how in the coming weeks. Let Mother Nature help your yard work!

GMS has grown steadily, thanks to the support of our loyal customers. We need more hard-working employees to keep our customers' lawns and landscaping looking great! If you or someone you know is interested in a full-time position - where you work outdoors and do something different every day - please contact us!

Great Golf? Great Fun! You Still Have Time to Register!

The GMAC Golf Outing tees off Friday at 10 a.m., and we still have a few open spots! Register today to join us for a great day of golf, fun and sun as we raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. Last year netted a record $20,000 for the two charities - how much will this outing generate? Everyone wins at this event!

Three Steps to Survive the Drought

Rain has become scarce. Dryness prevails. How are your lawn and landscaping doing amid the drought? Three key steps can help your yard survive, and even improve, during an extended dry period. Knowing them can make all the difference in how your grass and plantings respond when the rains return.

We Tee Off (for Two Great Causes) in Just Three Weeks!

The 10th (hard to believe we're saying that!) annual GMAC Golf Outing tees off in just three weeks! The price is unchanged, and the fun will be even greater. Best of all, proceeds benefit two great charities! Join us as we drive, chip and putt for a better community!

Weeds: The Wrong Green for Your Lawn

Weeds started early this year in planting beds, and now might have attacked your lawn. Unsure how to fight back? July is the best time to repel these green invaders. Liquid weed killer works best. Its effectiveness is maximized if you know how to use it properly.

To Water Plantings ... or Not?

Unlike grass, landscape plantings don't go dormant in hot, dry weather. They either survive or not. Proactive watering, and careful observation, can help your plants make it through the dog days of summer. Be sure you know the best time to water, and how much!

To Water ... or Not to Water?

The arrival of July, and its typical hot, dry weather, leaves homeowners with a decision: To water, or not to water? The answer depends on how badly you want green grass. If so, prepare to do a lot of watering - and know how to do so smartly.

It's Not Too Late for a Healthy "June Prune!"

Pruning back perennials and shrubs prepares them for summer's typical hot, dry weather. Those conditions have yet to arrive this year in Brookfield, WI ... which means you still have time to do a "June prune." Don't cut too much off, though, and be sure your shears is sharp!

Great Golf (for two great causes) is Just Two Months Away!

Hard to believe, but the 10th annual GMAC Golf Outing is just two months from Friday (Aug. 21)! Given that it's our 10th year, we promise this year's outing will be bigger, better and more fun than ever! Best of all, we aim to top last year's record of $20,000 raised for two charities. Can we do it? Register today, and let's get the (golf) ball rolling!

Four Tips to Help Your Potted Annuals Bloom Brightly

Potted annuals are wonderful. You can take their bright, colorful flowers anywhere. Annuals in pots are a bit more work, though, than flowers in the ground. These four tips will help you plant and nurture annuals that will brighten any space all season long (and maybe longer!).

Add Color to Your Summer With Annual Plants!

We're in prime time to plant annuals, the colorful flowers that brighten our yards, decks and patios. Vendors have the best selection in early to mid-June. Some planning and attentive care can make your annuals last as long as possible - which, unfortunately, still won't be a whole year (despite their name).

Lots of Weeds? It's Not Your Imagination

If your planting beds seem filled with more weeds than normal for this time of year, you're not alone. Recent growing conditions have been near perfect for all greenery ... including weeds. You have a few options to get rid of them. As important, though, might be moving proactively to prevent a repeat later in summer.

The Good, Bad and In-Between of Mulch

Is something really "free" if it costs more in the long run? Mulch is a good example. You can often get free mulch at a municipal recycling center, but its raw materials - discarded yard waste - can lead to more work and expense later. Good-quality mulch isn't free. Its price usually depends on how much quality is involved.

May is "Mulch Month!"

Have you added mulch to your planting beds yet? May is a perfect time to do so, especially after our dry spring. Mulch's many benefits include retention of soil moisture, which is especially important as we head into summer. Adding mulch can be labor intensive, but yields instant results in both the appearance and health of landscaping.

Thank you for standing against domestic violence!

You've done it again. Our April collection for The Women's Center, partnering with eight other local businesses, gathered more than 500 items for the organization. These goods will be used by mothers and children who flee violent, abusive situations, with nowhere to go and no way to live. Your generosity reminds us yet again of why we're proud of our community.

Aeration: A Smart Spring Move for a Strong Lawn

Aeration helps any lawn. Spring is prime time to rent an aerator and loosen up hard, compacted soil. Given the dry spring we've experienced in Brookfield, WI, lawn aeration will help your grass get off to a healthy start. We explain how to use an aerator, especially important details to know before you ever fire it up.

Give Your Lawn a Breath of Fresh Air!

The dry spring has left many yards with rock-hard soil. Grass won't grow as well, nor as strong. Conditions are ideal for lawn aeration, which breaks up compacted soil and opens pathways for air, water and fertilizer. Aeration is always good for yards - this year, it could be more important than ever.

AMP Up Your Yard All Season (and Year) Long!

No one likes paying bills. But what if you could pay the same amount, every month, for all your landscaping and snow removal services? Sure would make budgeting a lot easier - and this is exactly what our Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) does.

Join Us in the Fight Against Domestic Violence!

After the tremendous success of our fall food drive, we decided to launch a spring community project - and here it is: We're again partnering with nine other local businesses to collect needed items for the youngest victims of domestic violence - the children. All donations will be given to The Women's Center in Waukesha for kids staying there. Join us as we work to help the most vulnerable in our communities!

Your Spring Home Checklist, Part 2

Your home worked hard in the winter just past. You might not have noticed, but its many parts were busy keeping you warm and safe. With spring upon us - and your home "taking a break," so to speak - this is a smart time to check a few key working parts of your house, to make sure everything is shipshape.

Your Spring Home Checklist, Part 1

The snow made a fast exit this year - meaning, it's time to assess and clean up any winter leftovers around your home's exterior. What should you look for? The first part of our Spring Home Checklist takes you through high-priority tasks to ensure your home doesn't get drowned by spring rains.

Watering Your Winter Houseplants: How Much is Enough?

Did your houseplants make it through the winter OK? Many people worry about not watering their plants enough; ironically, more are done in by overwatering than underwatering. Knowing the signs can tell you when your plants are thirsty, or when you can leave them alone.

Keeping Your Indoor Greenery Healthy ... and You (Hopefully) Happy

There's almost nothing green outdoors this time of year. For something green and growing, we turn to the houseplants that brighten our indoor spaces and freshen the air. Winter can be hard on indoor plants, just like people. Here's how to keep them healthy, which can only improve our mental health.

Flying Under the Radar - and that's OK

We don't toot our own horn at GMS. The exceptions are community service projects where our partners share the spotlight. We recently had opportunity, though, to compile all our recent donations and community outreach activities. Just this once, we'll detail the under-the-radar work that GMS does to make our area a better place to live.

Going for the Gold (for all the right reasons)

As promised, GMS has submitted a nomination for a national award honoring businesses that actively work to improve their community. We had lots to talk about from the past year; the really gratifying part, though, is how many customers, vendors and fellow businesses partnered with us on all the activities and initiatives.

Raking in the Middle of Winter? Huh?

Ever deal with bad ice dams? If so, you know they're nothing to fool around with. The frozen masses can cause plenty of damage to a home. The recent snowfall has created near-perfect conditions for ice dams. One solution is to rake your roof - and yes, you did read that correctly.

Don't Let Safe Walkways Slip Away!

We've had a mild winter, but don't get complacent about the dangers of icy sidewalks and walkways. In fact, the intermittent snowfalls - an inch here, an inch there - can actually create even more slippery hazards. Keep some ice melter on hand - but how do you choose from the different types available?

Ice Dam Prevention? Now's the Time!

If your home has ever been damaged by ice dams, you know how troublesome (and expensive) they can be. While snow has been minimal this winter, peak ice dam season is approaching. Now is the time for proactive steps to prevent ice dams. Best of all, most fall into the "do it yourself" category.

Five Reasons to Prune Your Trees Now (Really!)

Yard work in January? The idea certainly sounds strange. Yet, believe it or not, this is the best time of year to trim back most trees (and shrubs). Here are five reasons to get that pruning done now, for the health of both the trees and your wallet.

Golf in January? Well, almost ...

Sure, it's bitterly cold outside. So why not think about golf? If you enjoy hitting the links, and supporting local education, mark your calendar for the first-ever Elmbrook Open Golf Outing. The May 16 event will benefit the Elmbrook Education Foundation, which funds scholarships and innovative educational programs. Oh, and if you graduated one of the two high schools in the Elmbrook district, prepare to heat up the rivalry all over again.

Doing Good (Together) in the Year That Was

As you look back on a year, often one or two themes keep appearing. For GMS in 2014, it was the number of people and organizations we helped through the partnerships with, and generosity of, our great customers and friends. Working together, we do indeed accomplish great things in our community.

Merry Christmas to all our customers, friends and partners!

Things change, and they stay the same. If you look outside, Christmas 2014 is a lot different than Christmas 2013. Still, the sense of joy, thankfulness and generosity remains constant. We wish all our customers, friends and partners a safe and merry Christmas, and express our gratitude for their continued support of GMS.

"Winter Break" Came Early ... Take Advantage of It!

A "Green Christmas" looks likely, as winter showed up and then seemed to disappear. What does this mean for you? An opportunity to get those remaining home and yard "to-dos" done, amid snow-free conditions and manageable temperatures.

No Time for a Christmas Tree? We've Got You Covered!

No time to buy a Christmas tree, much less set up and decorate it? Never fear - your holiday doesn't have to be tree-less. Our Christmas tree delivery service takes all the work our of enjoying this fresh, festive symbol of the season. We even bring a vacuum to clean up!

"Top 5" Checklist for a Good Relationship With Your Christmas Tree

You found the perfect Christmas tree. It has everything you were looking for. Things are great ... for now. Like any relationship, things change. Here's what you need to do to keep both of you happy.

"Top 5" Checklist for Choosing Your Christmas Tree

Ready to go hunting for that perfect Christmas tree? Our "Top 5" checklist tells you what to keep in mind when scouring the tree lots. Get ready to shake, snap and bend - and don't forget your tape measure!

Thank You for Helping Us Feed the Hungry!

We knew that our customers and many valued partners were generous. If an image speaks volumes, the completely-full dump truck of food and other items we delivered to the New Berlin Food Pantry last week provided overwhelming testimony of this truth. What else is there to say? Thank you.

Prepare Your Driveway for the Snowy Season Ahead!

Have you put in your driveway markers yet? If not, there's still time. Snow plowing and blowing season is close at hand. Protecting your property and possessions from damage involves more than just installing markers, though. For starters, grab a camera and prepare to shoot.

Winter is Threatening - Is Your Yard (and Home) Ready?

This week's plunging temperatures seem ominous. Winter could come early in Brookfield, WI. Hopefully your fall yard cleanup is done. With the serious cold weather threatening, a few remaining outdoor tasks should occupy your "to-do" list.

Help Us Fight Hunger in Our Local Communities!

We don't really think about people going hungry in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin. Here? Really? Yes, hunger exists in our local communities. GMS is doing something about it, and you're invited to join us.

Let GMS light up your lighting up your home for the holidays.

It's Time to (Fall) Clean Up Your Yard!

As the leaves descend in growing volume, the time for fall yard cleanups is upon us. What's the best way to manage all those leaves? How else should you prepare your yard for winter?

"Bill Shock?" Not With Our Annual Maintenance Program!

Ever come close to fainting at an unexpectedly large bill? No one likes unwelcome surprises, especially when they hit our pocketbook. GMS's new Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) eliminates the threat of "bill shock." We'll spread out your charges into 12 equal monthly payments. A shocking concept? Hardly.

We Raised $20,000 at Our Most Successful Golf Outing Yet!

The generosity of all who participate in the GMAC Benefit Golf Outing never ceases to amaze. Our ninth annual event in August raised $20,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin! Wow. All we can say is "Thank you!"

Fertilize Your Trees? Yes - And We're Not Kidding

Chances are you've never heard of fertilizing trees. In most years, it's not needed. This year is different. Trees are headed into the cold season weaker than normal, due to weather conditions. They need a helping hand. Luckily, fertilizing a tree is as simple as "purchase, place and pound."

Help Your Lawn Take a Deep (and Needed) Breath

Though it seems counterintuitive, this year's wet weather has actually contributed to problems with soil compaction. Your lawn suffers, because the hard ground cuts off oxygen and moisture to grass. Aeration is the solution to help your lawn take a deep (and needed) breath.

It's Fall - Take One Last Shot at Those Lawn Weeds!

Grass isn't the only plant that loves fall as a great time to grow. Weeds do, too. Don't give them a chance. Employ the right herbicide and take out the weeds now, which means fewer to battle in the spring.

The Two Seasonal Fs: "fall" and "fertilizing"

Fall is the time to fertilize and fortify your lawn prior to winter dormancy. This year it's even more important, given the cool, damp weather of months past. Why is this? And what's the best fertilizer to use?

You've Planted the New Grass - Get Watering!

Once you've seeded bare or dead spots in your lawn to grow new grass, the next very important step is watering. The operative term here is "diligence." Watering every day, for several weeks, is necessary to get that new grass going. There aren't any shortcuts.

We've already made clear that early September is the best time to fill those bare spots in your lawn. Here are step-by-step instructions for doing it right.

Many are sad to see summer end - but if you have bare or dead spots in your lawn, early fall is prime time to grow new grass. The optimum time window starts next week, and doesn't last long. Start preparing!

All mulches are not the same. While mulch offers many benefits for landscaping, the type of mulch matters. Free mulch is free for a reason. Even so-called "enviro-mulch" has its drawbacks. Which type is best?

Most homeowners spread mulch on their planting beds in spring or early summer. By now, that mulch might be looking a bit worn. Here's the good news: It's never too late to add more mulch.

This has been a bad year for weeds. Tired of pulling them? Maybe an herbicide is the next step. If you "concentrate," you can stretch your time and dollars with chemical weed killers.


Weeds are the bane of every homeowner who maintains their lawn and landscaping. How do they spread, and how can you control them?

Do you know someone who is reliable, personable and enjoys working outdoors? Thanks to our great customers and continued growth, Grounds Maintenance Service is hiring full-time seasonal workers to keep delivering the same level of service and satisfaction you've come to expect.

At GMS, we never want you to be "teed off" with us. However, we hope you'll get teed off WITH us at our ninth annual GMAC Golf Outing, Aug. 15 at Ironwood Golf Course! The event raises money for two great charities.

Trimming plants after flowering - typically in June - helps prepare them for summer's heat. This year, however, much of your "June prune" might be done in July.

If summer thus far has seemed rather unsummer-like, you're not imagining things. We're experiencing a winter hangover, believe it or not. What does this mean for the care of lawns and plantings?

We are proud to announce that we are having a ribbon cutting, today, June 26, 2014!
We are now located in New Berlin in the old Nature's Nook building. Please come out and join us in the celebration! The event is at 4:00 pm -6:00 pm! The formal remarks and cutting of the ribbon will be at 4:30 pm.
There will be light refreshments and a great time to network!
Come join us!
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Potted annuals provide colorful beauty all summer long on our decks, porches, front steps and in hanging baskets. Planting and maintaining them is much different than annuals in the ground, however. For starters: Invest in potting soil. Don't just dig up dirt to use in their pots.

The weather didn't cooperate with getting annual plants in the ground during May, but June is still prime time to welcome these bright, colorful residents into your planting beds. Planning ahead and reading labels will get the most duration and beauty from the annuals you choose.

Many homeowners make a common mistake when planting perennials: They dig the holes too deep. This simple error can stunt plants' early growth and hinder their long-term survival. How deep is deep enough?

It's time to plant perennials! Choosing the right plants, though, is about more than their appearance. Taking location, soil conditions and other factors into account will help you create more attractive, successful planting beds.

Ever get into "the zone" before a challenging event or test? If you're choosing perennial plants or shrubs for your landscaping, knowing the "zone" where they grow best can lead to healthier, greener plantings.

As much as we love our dogs, they can be hard on lawns. Repeated visits to the same spots - as dogs tend to do - can leave patches of dead grass. What to do now?

Congratulations to Casandra Wolters - new Sales Manager for Grounds Maintenance Services

If you find a lot of sticks in your yard this spring, the trees above could be sending a message. What is it?

Have you found chewed-on plants in your yard during spring cleanup? Animal damage to trees and shrubs is common during winter. Learn how to repair damaged plants, and prevent wildlife from gnawing on your prized greenery.

As snow melts, many homeowners are surprised to see a white residue left on their grass. It's snow mold. The grass might or might not survive. There's only one way to find out.

Winter is hard on lawns. Plows, salt and shovels all take their toll, not to mention months of snow coverage. Get an early start repairing winter lawn damage!

Spring melt is upon us. Water levels are rising. Is your sump pump ready for the task ahead?

Gutters aren't glorious, but can save a home from water problems, an overworked sump pump or, worse yet, water in the basement. Get those gutters ready for spring showers!

Contrary to what might seem logical, winter is the best time to prune trees. Trim those limbs before the end of March, while trees are still dormant and the cold prevents problems with disease, fungus or insects.

The race against time has begun for many homeowners, as they rush to clean up and prepare yards before winter arrives in all its cold, snowy fury.

The list isn’t long: Rake leaves. Cut grass. Prune plantings. None are complex. All are essential.

It's Fall Cleanup time!

Volunteers Clean Up Swanson Butterfly Garden

Three generations of the Elmbrook-based Ruedt family pulled, cut, dug and shoveled Saturday as they restored a memorial butterfly garden at Swanson Elementary School to its intended natural beauty and purpose.

Signs to look for and benefits of aeration.

Tips to seamlessly transition into fall.

Grounds Maintenance Services Expands Aug. 16 Benefit Golf Outing with New Partner, Charity

ActionCOACH of Elm Grove joins ninth annual golf event, which will benefit both Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin

Todd gives his thoughts and listing for this years State Fair

Todd's #JunePrune Blog is dedicated to informing you on how to get the best out of your outdoor landscape for the entire summer season!

GMS Teams With Matty's For MNL2

Mother's Day is This Sunday
Try These Tips and Tricks for Beautiful, Healthy, Plants.

Don't Let Your Soil Temperature Reach 50 Degrees
Get Rid of Crabgrass Before it's Too Late


GMS has moved!


Avoid COSTLY water problems this weekend….

GMS Named Finalist in “Business Excellence Awards” Competition. GMS is a finalist to be named “Best Overall Company” in a global competition sponsored by ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching firm.

GMS Tips for Winter Preparation

GMS Children's Press Release

GMS now offers Gift Certificates....the perfect Holiday gift for your family and friends.

GMS Sponsors Polar Bear "Splash" for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to be hosted by The Sports Channel located at 34422 Delafield Rd, Summit, WI 53066 New Year's Day 2013.

Happy Thanksgiving from Our GMS Family to Yours.

Let GMS light up your lighting up your home for the holidays.

Getting ready for a REAL Wisconsin winter.


Fall Tips and Tricks

Getting your property ready for winter? Check out these tips and tricks to make the process easier.


With the severe drought we had this season, we are strongly recommending all lawns in the Southeastern Milwaukee area to be aerated this Fall.

How will LLS benefit from your participation in the GMS Fore LLS Golf Outing?

Help Beat Blood Cancer

Help support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by attending the 7th Annual Benefit Golf Outing hosted by Grounds Maintenance Services!

Wisconsin Drought and High Temperatures

With the high temperatures and lack of rain, here are a few tips to maintain your property along with a few "Hot Day" activities for all ages!

Early-season Drought Challenges Homeowners to Keep Lawns, Plants Healthy

As drought-like conditions grip southeastern Wisconsin, homeowners are undoubtedly dismayed watching their once-green grass turn varying shades of yellow or brown. Many are likely wondering whether – and how often – they should water their lawns.

7th Annual Benefit Golf Outing

You are invited to attend/sponsor this years event benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Dandelions & Other Lawn Weeds Get An Early Start With Unseasonable Warmth

The unseasonably warm conditions that cheered residents of southeastern Wisconsin this year have also brought a less-favorable outgrowth, which is evident by a large population of dandelions.

How to Choose a Lawn Care Service

People hire a lawn care service for different reasons. Some seek to regain free time. Others are physically unable, or don’t know how to care for their property. Many do not want to be burdened with the equipment, fuel, storage and maintenance costs that go with keeping up a lawn.

Poplar Creek: New Berlins New Neighbor

The Mayor of New Berlin is coming to visit Poplar Creek Gardens, Grounds Maintenance Services new location.

Spring Will Be Early This Year!

Start planning for lawn and planting beds care now.

It’s Cold Outside, but Perfect for Pruning! January is ideal time for cutting back trees and shrubs

Did you hear the news? GMS is nominated for three Business Excellence Awards by ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching firm.

Choosing a Christmas Tree? Plan Ahead, and Don’t Forget Your Detective Hat!

As homeowners head to retail stores and corner lots to purchase Christmas trees, some pre-trip preparation and on-site sleuthing can help them ensure a greener, fresher-smelling holiday.

Don’t Rake and Bag Leaves – Mow Them!

Mowing leaves saves time and labor while fertilizing lawns!

Sharpen the Shears – It’s Pruning Time!

Even as leaves begin to fall and the temperature follows, the window opens for homeowners in southeastern Wisconsin to prepare their landscapes for a burst of new growth next year.

Today is the last day of summer! To keep your landscape healthy and looking good in these coming months be sure to check out our Fall Tips & Tricks!

GMS wants to provide you with as many helpful tips and tricks of the trade to allow you to have a healthy, beautiful property for years to come. We also want to keep the work to a minimum to reserve your free time.

Early Onset of Fall Creates Ideal Conditions for Growing Grass & Repairing Lawn

Cooler evening temperatures are already moving into southeastern Wisconsin, threatening an early onset of fall but creating perfect conditions to grow new grass and repair lawns.

Summer Heat Brings Changes in Lawn & Plant Care for Homeowners

With mid-summer heat baking lawns and landscaping throughout southeastern Wisconsin, some tactical changes can help homeowners keep their grass and plantings healthy during this dry, hot period.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Landscape Ascetically Pleasing & Healthy

Now that summer has finally arrived, schedules can get very hectic and we tend to forget about the care that needs to be taken in our landscape. Here are some things you should be doing over the next month to keep your landscape ascetically pleasing and healthy.

6th Annual Golf Outing for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Help us support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by signing up to play in our August 19th Golf Out. Not a golfer but still want to help? Simply become a sponsor or donate a product or service to the Silent Auction.

Landscape Technician Wanted

How would you like to join a small, enthusiastic team that works to improve the lives of its clients and the environment?
Where your passion and persistence will be appreciated and well rewarded?
Sound good?
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