Lawn Maintenance & OptimizationOur granular fertilization products are all natural, pet-safe and environmentally friendly

A lush, green, attractive lawn doesn’t happen by itself. Achieving a “wow” lawn can be a tremendous challenge. Do you really want to take this on alone?

Lawn fertilizing and weed control are integral steps. Both involve precise timing and technique. You can try to get it right – or trust the experienced professionals at GMS.

Our goal is not just to fertilize your lawn, but to optimize it. That’s right, make it the brightest, greenest, most desirable grass in Brookfield, New Berlin or Elm Grove, a yard that bystanders will admire and kids will want to play on.

Concurrent with this goal is a laserlike focus on your health and well-being. From materials, to application, to customer notification, our lawn fertilizing and weed control programs emphasize communication and “safety first.”

Our carefully-scheduled program of “weed and feed” lawn treatments covers early spring to late fall. Every GMS employee is state-certified, licensed and trained in use of the equipment.

The all-natural granular fertilization products are made locally to match your lawn’s conditions. Their slow-release feeding is key to consistent grass growth. The products are completely safe for pets and nearby plantings.

Our liquid weed control is designed for maximum effectiveness and safety. The boom applicator ensures even spraying, unlike applicators who use a handheld sprayer as they drag a heavy hose across your lawn and planting beds. Weed control is never applied on windy or rainy days, either.

You’ll receive 24-hour advance notification of all fertilizer and weed control applications. We’ll leave behind documentation of work done, and flag your yard. Expect a follow-up call, too.

Your thick, healthy lawn is waiting to emerge. Call us today to get started. No one will ever know you didn’t do the work. We’re not telling, either.


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