Ready ... Aim ... Fire at Lawn Weeds!

If the browning of your grass has got you down, take heart: Now is the time to vanquish your lawn’s biggest enemies.

The hot, dry weather isn’t just hard on grass and landscaping plants in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI. Summer’s drought also weakens yard weeds … which creates the perfect opportunity to go after them.

Prepare for battle. Arm yourself with liquid weed killer. It’s the most effective weapon – so choose yours carefully.

Premixed herbicides are convenient, yet have drawbacks. They’re not cost-effective. Most users go through them quickly. They have limited shelf life, when they aren’t used up.

Instead, stretch your dollars and firepower. Buy weed killer concentrate and mix your own, using a lawn sprayer. Here’s how to get the most from this approach:

  • Read herbicide dosage labels. Most state exactly how many ounces are needed to treat an area of lawn by square footage. Measure closely.
  • Note temperature ratings. Look for these on the label. Some products should not be used in extreme conditions.
  • Set the sprayer. If you’re using an adjustable sprayer, set it to the specifications on the herbicide label. Usually the setting is in ounces.

Spraying lawn weeds in Brookfield and Elm Grove, WI

  • Check the weather. Aim for at least 24 hours between herbicide application and any rain. Avoid windy days, too.
  • Be patient. Because weeds have to absorb it, an herbicide might take a week or more to be effective. Give it time to work before reapplying.

Kill lawn weeds now, and your grass will have an easier time regenerating when its growing season returns.

If you’re still unsure what to do about lawn weeds, or just don’t have the time, contact GMS. We’ll bring the manpower, and the means, to take out the unwanted lawn residents.

Mid-summer is showdown time for lawn weeds. Get ‘em while they’re weak … and set your lawn up for a green, growing fall rebirth.

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