Roof Raking for Ice Dam PreventionRoof racking prevents ice dams in your gutters

Every winter, residents throughout Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin unknowingly risk serious roof and interior damage to their homes.

The villain is ice dams, the large buildups of ice that accumulate in gutters and roof valleys. As the ice grows, it forces its way under shingles and flashing. By the time damage is evident - usually by interior leaking, dripping and water stains on ceilings – it’s too late. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

GMS can help prevent this damage to your home. Ice dams occur when snow on a roof melts and refreezes. Our roof raking service clears off the snow, proactively eliminating the source of ice damming. As the snow is removed, so are your worries.

A cleared roof is safer, as well. Removing snow eliminates the water that forms unsightly icicles, a hazard to anyone in the vicinity. Plus, you don’t risk falling off a ladder trying to clear the roof yourself.

“Roof raking” might sound like a strange service. As a smart homeowner, you’ll know that the benefits are not in its name, but in its value.

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