Give your lawn one last good “meal!”

If you were going on a months-long fast, wouldn’t you want a good meal first?

Your lawn is – and while it can’t speak for itself, consider its answer to be “yes.”

Fall is a critical time to fertilize grass. Even as its growing season ends, a long winter “fast” lies ahead. Fertilizing nourishes grass for its coming months of dormancy.

Spring green-up? Seems like a long time away. Heck, we haven’t even had a freeze. Still, fall lawn fertilizing is a late-season boost that helps grass store nutrients and energy for its green return.

You’ve already planted new grass where needed, right? Well, pull out the spreader and let’s take care of the rest of your lawn.

Two key points apply during fall lawn fertilizing in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI: Use a granular product, and keep it natural.

Fall lawn fertilizing in Brookfield, WI

Here’s why a natural fertilizer is the best bet: Products such as Milorganite are pretty much goof-proof. They’re slow-release and safe. You can’t “burn” grass with a natural fertilizer, unlike some chemical counterparts.

Mother Nature does know what’s best. Read labels, and always follow package instructions for how much product to apply.

Why granular? Granular products work their way through a jungle of grass blades, and into the soil. Conversely, liquid fertilizers can get caught on grass and never reach the soil. A poorly-timed application might be washed away by rain.

Don’t wait long to fertilize, though. Time is of the essence. Once leaves start falling, they create a physical barrier to fertilizer (or any lawn product).

Temperatures are starting to drop, along with leaves. These changes signal feeding time for grass. Your lawn is staring at a long fast – don’t let it go into it still hungry!

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