Take a deep breath … and aerate!

Why the deep breath? If you’re renting an aerator for fall lawn aeration in Brookfield, WI, just getting the machine out of your truck (or trailer) will require a deep breath.

We’re serious. Don’t plan on doing this alone. Aerators weigh several hundred pounds. Get a helper (or two or three) to safely lift the unit in and out.

The effort is worth it. The benefits of aerating a lawn in fall in Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI, are many. After months of warm-weather activity that compacts soil, aeration opens the hardened ground to air, water and nutrients. Grass can regain its footing before settling in for winter.

First things first, though. An aerator is a powerful machine with many moving parts. If you’ve never used one before, get instructions before leaving the rental depot. Know how to start and stop. Learn to raise and lower the tines.

Once running, an aerator is like a self-propelled lawnmower. Expect to be pulled along. It’s a remarkably efficient machine that pulls soil plugs and quickly discards them.

The result is a lawn that looks pockmarked, with unsightly soil plugs everywhere.

In actuality, the grass is primed for some fall TLC. Water and fertilize. Conditions are ideal for both to penetrate into the ground. Water your lawn, at the very least.

Lawn aeration in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI

You might need to aerate some sections of lawn twice. Clay soils, typically found in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI, are very susceptible to compaction. Areas of yard that are heavily used might need extra attention.

Once you’ve aerated, no need to do so again for a year. Fall lawn aeration is a good habit to get into, though. The process strengthens grass prior to its annual hibernation.

If you’d like the benefits of aeration, but not the work, GMS is glad to help. Contact us to schedule a lawn aeration.

We certainly don’t blame you for doing so. Aeration is a smart move for your lawn, but not always for your back. Be careful – you’ll quickly learn that, while it’s called an aerator, it’s the dire opposite of “lighter than air.”


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