Quick! Prune Those Trees Before March Ends!

The notion might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true: This is the best time of year to prune trees. In fact, the window effectively closes at the end of March.

No lie.

Wait, you’re thinking - isn’t pruning something you do in warm weather?

Yes, for evergreen shrubs and perennials. These plants never drop their leaves (you can’t see them in winter under the snow, but they’re still there). Cutting these plants back after they flower, often in June, helps prepare them for summer heat.

Trees and non-evergreen shrubs are a different story. These are deciduous plants which, in biological terms, are plants whose leaves fall off. They typically go dormant December through March. These months are ideal for removing dead wood, or trimming limbs to reshape a tree.

Winter is the perfect time to cut back any deciduous plant. Barren of leaves, dead and broken branches become obvious, and a tree’s outline is easier to see.

Winter cold prevents open pruning wounds on trees from being susceptible to disease, fungus or insects. Frozen ground won’t get compacted by heavy equipment used in pruning. Even though weather conditions are often mind- and hand-numbing, winter remains the perfect time to prune most trees in Brookfield, WI, and surrounding communities.

Evergreens are the exception. These species grow year-round. Any pruning should be finished by the end of October. They need sufficient healing time before winter.

Depending on the heights involved, Grounds Maintenance Services might be able to prune your trees. If not, we’ll recommend a trusted arborist for the job.

Winter doesn’t mean that you have to forego yard improvements. Cold and snow don’t allow much working outdoors, but they fit tree pruning like a glove. Nature doesn’t waste seasons – and the clock is ticking fast on this year’s tree trimming opportunities.

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