"Bill shock?" Not with our Annual Maintenance Program!

Ever get one of those bills that just took your breath away?

Maybe it was a big car repair. Or a utility bill for the coldest month of the year in Brookfield, WI. Or a credit card with lots of small charges that added up to one big “due” amount.

No one likes unwelcome surprises – especially when they hammer our pocketbook. Good luck budgeting when one bill can throw everything out of whack.

At GMS, we don’t want you to ever worry about “bill shock,” whether you live in Elm Grove, New Berlin or elsewhere. We even have a solution. Our Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) ensures that you’ll only pay us the same amount, every month, for a year. How’s that for budgeting?

Here are the criteria: You’re eligible for AMP if you receive at least two of our signature services (Fertilizing/Weed Control, Lawn Cutting, Snow Removal) and at least one of six other services (from spring cleanup to holiday lighting).

If you already receive all three signature services, you’re eligible for AMP.

GMS Annual Maintenance Program in Brookfield, WI

Here’s how it works: We’ll add the charges for all services into one sum, and divide into 12 equal payments (plus tax). That’s what you’ll pay every month. You’ll know exactly how much you owe. Payments can be made via ACH, credit card or check.

Many people are watching their money these days. You deserve to have your yard look attractive and well-maintained, without fear of having to pay a budget-busting bill.

If you’re interested in enrolling in AMP, please contact us at (262) 784-8219, or gms@gmswi.com, for a price sheet and program conditions.

The principle behind AMP is simple: We want to help smooth out the financial peaks and valleys that occur during a year. It’s not a shocking concept, when you come right down to it.

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