Five More Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Greenery Healthy in Winter

It’s mid-February. In all likelihood, conditions won’t green up outdoors for some time.

While you might be planning your outdoor landscaping in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI, the actual work is months away. It’s why the greenery inside our homes is more important than ever this time of year.

As explained last week, the humble houseplant does more than offer green cheer in the cold winter months. These living roommates of innumerable species freshen the air by adding oxygen and removing toxins. In homes shut tight for months, their presence goes beyond color and life.

Keeping houseplants healthy in Brookfield, WI

We addressed the location preferences of many plants (southern exposure, away from drafts), and why dust buildup is harmful. There’s more, though – much more. Enjoy these tips on keeping your plants green, happy and healthy in winter:

  • Fertilizer? Not needed. Houseplants welcome fertilizer in spring and summer, their growing seasons.
  • Wait on repotting. Again, the best time is when plants are growing. Be patient until new leaves or shoots begin appearing.
  • Don’t let leaves or other parts touch windows. We all know how cold windows can get in winter, right?
  • Bugs on plants? Make a diluted solution of dishwashing soap and warm water, then sponge it onto the leaves. Finish by wiping them clean with fresh water.
  • Plants usually need less water in winter. More die from overwatering than underwatering.

How much watering is enough? How much is too much? We’ll address this quandary next week. For the time being, we’re happy to offer guidance for your indoor greenery. Don’t stop thinking about those spring landscaping projects, though!

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