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Are you sick of that pest in your lawn?  And no, I am not talking about the neighbor’s furry, four-legged creature that likes to come in and take care of business in your front yard.  I am talking about a bigger problem, CRABGRASS!

Crabgrass is known for taking over patches of lawn, and spreading, without warning.  When the soil temperature reaches 50°, Crabgrass begins to start it’s process. Did you know that one single plant of Crabgrass could produce up to 150,000 seedlings in just one season?  And with all of this Spring Rain, Crabgrass is about to rear its ugly stems.  Some of the worst patches can grow to 12” in diameter.  What’s worse than looking into your backyard with your morning coffee and seeing frozen pizza size patches of UGLY, UNSIGHTLY, PROBLEMATIC, Crabgrass?  Well, I can think of one thing…12” Chicago Cubs logos scattered across your lawn.  And lets be honest, who wants to see that?

If you are a DIY'er and you want to take care of the problem on your own make sure you do it in time.  Visit ProGreen Plus in New Berlin or Reinders in Waukesha.  They can help you with the right products to get you on your way to killing that Crabgrass.  If your schedule is already full, luckily GMS can help you and your lawn before it’s too late.  GMS offers a Pre-Emergent Herbicide Treatment that can stop Crabgrass dead in its roots.   GMS offers a granular, slow release fertilizer treatment, that doesn’t run off like it’s liquid counterpart.  This treatment gets to the roots of Crabgrass and creates a barrier of protection that prevents Crabgrass seeds from germinating, and spreading all over your yard.

And don’t forget, like you would…GMS offers season long lawn treatments at affordable, competitive, prices.  Whether you’ve got 20’X20’, or 2 Acres, GMS is here to keep your lawn looking it’s best.  GMS is dedicated to selling you more than Outstanding Service, We Sell Free Time.  Time to spend enjoying family and friends.  Or like me, seeing the Brew Crew stomp the Cubbies.

Don’t let the temperatures outside get your lawn into a season long Crabgrass battle.  If you are worried about Crabgrass getting a hold on your lawn, or have any other landscaping questions give GMS a shout.


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