Commercial Water Management Solutions

Unless used for production or cleaning, water is rarely a friend to most businesses. Flooding or other uninvited water can damage equipment and destroy documents. Building damage can get very expensive, very quickly.

Why take chances, when you can proactively manage water on your property and prevent problems? GMS has guaranteed solutions to keep your company dry.

We employ a variety of tactics to keep water away from your building, and out of trouble. Starting with a free survey of existing grades of the yard and foundations, we’ll figure out how to remove the water from your property.

Grading is a common solution, employing swales and trenching to direct drainage. Raising the ground level around a building is regularly used in tandem. In more complicated situations, catch basins or below-ground French drains might be added.

Sometimes the answers are simple. We’ll first check gutters and downspouts to be sure they’re clear. Exterior sump pump discharges are next. Often water issues don’t require extensive work to solve - just an inquiring eye and a bit of maintenance.

Water damage in any amount can seriously disrupt a business. Whether measured in physical destruction or lost productivity, the costs can quickly add up. Even less serious conditions – such as ponding after heavy rains - can kill grass and plantings, breed mosquitoes and look unsightly.

GMS can help prevent problems before they occur, with guaranteed results. Even in the worst weather conditions, you’ll rest easy knowing your business is safe. Maybe peace of mind can’t be quantified, but its value might be priceless.

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