Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Landscape Ascetically Pleasing & Healthy

Now that summer has finally arrived, schedules can get very hectic and we tend to forget about the care that needs to be taken in our landscape.  Here are some things you should be doing over the next month to keep your landscape ascetically pleasing and healthy.

With the recent heavy storms and rains over the last few weeks, we suggest you check all your gutters, downspouts, and sump pump lines to ensure they are discharging properly.   We also recommend that you check your grading a positive pitch away from your foundation, in all areas, to make certain less stress on your foundation and drain tile system.

For our Wisconsin growing season, we find that late June through mid-July is the best time to do pruning to all of your plant material.  Some of the signs of when to best prune a plant are to prune once a plant has gone through it's flowering cycle.  Cutting off all the dead flowers will promote better future growth and an excellent next crop of flowers.

We also recommend that watering is still done to plants in your landscape, at least once per week, during the hot summer months.  This will ensure a healthy root system during our drought season.   If you plan to water your lawn, we recommend watering at least three times per week for 20-30 minutes per area.  If you are unable to water that many times during the course of the week, you are better off not watering at all and allowing the lawn to go into summer dormancy.

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