The Snow Melts ... and the Damage Appears

You’re probably glad to see the snow disappear. Chances are you might not be happy to see what lies beneath.

Winter is hard on lawns. Plows, snowblowers and shovels chew up grass. Salt kills or damages anything that it touches. Snow packs down the ground. We’re glad to finally see grass again, but its sodden, beaten-down appearance hardly inspires cheer.

Many service companies (including GMS) repair lawn damage from snow plowing. If we strayed outside the lines and dug up grass this past winter, just call us. We’ll fix it at no charge.

If you salted any walks or driveways, your lawn could pay a price. Salt is not kind to grass, which turns brown and usually dies. Not much can be done. Start over. Prepare a home for new grass to sprout and thrive. This recipe also works for areas damaged by shoveling or plowing.

Spread a thick layer of topsoil over the brown grass. Be sure the soil is level. Distribute a generous amount of grass seed on top. Protect the surface with hay or a commercial covering product.

Don’t water just yet – wait until temperatures warm and nearby grass greens up. Once these conditions take hold, water the new seed regularly.

Here’s a cautionary note: Avoid “all-in-one” patch seeding products. These blends often contain little grass seed and lots of shredded paper. They’re long on convenience and short on results.

Spring is a time of rebirth. No matter what winter did to your lawn, nature always offers a “re-do” the following season. You’ll be seeing green again with just a bit of effort.

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