Tree & Shrub Pruning

Anyone can hack away at a shrub or tree. They just need a shears. When finished, the plant will probably be shorter or thinner. Chances are it won’t be healthier, though. 

Pruning is much more than aiming and cutting. If a shrub needs shearing, or a tree needs trimming, knowing how to prune – and when – is critical to their long-term growth and vitality. 

Plants often should be pruned in different seasons. Some are sheared from the outside. Others are thinned from the inside. Many factors play in. Simply put, improper pruning can do more harm than good. 

When you need pruning that prepares your plants for a healthier, greener future, let the knowledgeable professionals at GMS do the work. With decades of experience pruning trees and shrubs throughout Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, we know how to safely trim the greenery that adds so much to your home’s landscaping. 

Smart pruning starts with sharp, clean shears and chainsaws, tools that cut evenly and won’t transmit disease. It ends with removing clippings and debris from your yard, bound for a recycling center. 

In between, we know which trees and shrubs to trim, and when. Structural pruning, which thins the inside, is sometimes in order. Rejuvenation pruning can tame overgrown shrubs, spurring new green branches instead of hard, woody growth. Sometimes it’s just basic exterior shaping. 

Effective pruning is really about knowing plants, and their different needs. You might not know how or when every plant in your yard needs trimming. That’s OK – in all likelihood, we don’t know your job, either. Rest assured, when we’re done doing ours, your newly-pruned trees and shrubs will speak for themselves.

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