Roof Raking for Ice Dam PreventionGMS offers Roof Raking for Ice Dam Prevention

Of the many parts that make up a business, the plant or office where your company is located is certainly one of the most important. Making costly repairs to the building is probably not in your business plan, though.

GMS’s roof raking service helps you avoid expensive repairs - both interior and exterior – due to ice dams, a common scourge of the cold-weather season.

Winter lays siege to your building roof every year, as repeated snowfalls – and melting cycles in between – form damaging accumulations of ice. The ice pushes its way under the roof, often making its presence known by dripping onto ceilings and employees beneath.

Prevention is simple. Let GMS clear the snow off your roof, proactively eliminating the problem before it starts. We’ll rake snow to a roof height of 25 feet, and remove the fallen snow off sidewalks and driveways when complete. Roof raking also largely eliminates icicles, enhancing safety in the immediate vicinity.

We clear snow off roofs on businesses throughout Brookfield, New Berlin and Elm Grove. You can call it preventive maintenance, or maybe just good business sense.

The time to address damaging ice dams is not when water is dripping from the ceiling - it’s before the ice forms. GMS will keep you ahead of the game, and hopefully ahead on your bottom line.

Call or click to receive a quote for roof raking to prevent water damage from ice damming.

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