It's Fall Cleanup Time!


Let GMS help get your lawn & planting beds ready for winter.

Fall cleanups are a necessary step in preserving your lawn and planting bed’s health during the winter months.  The leaves that fall onto your lawn and into your planting beds that are not removed can smother them.  It is also imperative to remove all plant debris from planting beds as it might be diseased and will undoubtedly spread disease to healthy grass and perennials once spring arrives, if left to overwinter.

Fall cleanups occur from early November through mid-December.  Our comprehensive and professional crews use commercial blowers and blow leaves out of all planting beds and patios onto the lawn, where they will mulch the debris using mulching mowers.  This process works best to minimize environmental impact while the mulch acts as an insulator to protect your lawn from the cold harsh winter months.  In cases where leaves are too numerous or wet to mulch, the crew will gather and haul away all debris.

Perennial flower cutbacks and shrub pruning are performed by using hedge-trimmers or hand tools.  This is a critical step to ensure both early AND healthy re-emergence next spring.  Shrubs are shaped to leave a neat and tight appearance….ready for your holiday lights.

Gutters need to be cleaned out to ensure proper drainage and will reduce the risk of unnecessary and costly moisture damage to your home.

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