Weeds: The Wrong Green for Your Lawn

Weeds got off to an early start this year. They haven’t stopped.

Cool temperatures and steady rains have kept them coming in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI. Your prevention efforts might have created a standoff, at best. Ever get the feeling that Mother Nature is conspiring against you?

Contrary to popular belief, weeds don’t start in your lawn. They migrate from planting beds into lawns. Controlling weeds in landscaping is key to minimizing them in grass.

We’ve addressed how to proactively battle weeds in planting beds. Picking is obvious (be sure to keep the pulled weeds far away!). Pre-emergent herbicides (such as Preen) help. Mulch is a cost-effective deterrent with other benefits.

Still, it might not have been enough to halt the weeds’ march. If weeds have invaded your lawn, July is the perfect time to attack them. Rains usually let up, temporarily weakening the green enemy.

Lawn weeds in Brookfield, WI

Liquid weed killer is the weapon. The trick is knowing how to use it, to maximize both its potency and your dollars.

Premixed herbicides are convenient, but not cost-effective. You’re better off buying concentrate and mixing your own. Be sure to follow these tips:

  • Read labels. Most state exactly how many ounces of herbicide are needed to treat an area of lawn by square footage. Measure carefully.
  • If you’re using an adjustable sprayer, be sure it’s set correctly. Again, the herbicide label should specify this setting (usually in ounces).
  • Check the weather forecast. Aim for at least 24 hours between herbicide application and any rain.

Weeds are the bane of every homeowner with a lawn and landscaping. We’ll never be rid of them; control is realistically the best hope. The tools are there to use. Knowing “how” is often the missing element. Now fully armed, go forward and repel the invaders!

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