You’ve planted the new grass – get watering!

Preparing soil and seeding correctly is critical to growing fall grass in New Berlin and Brookfield, WI. The next, just-as-important step is watering.

Remember we mentioned the importance of diligence? Watering is where you have to start, and carry through to completion. No shortcuts exist. Many homeowners in New Berlin and Elm Grove have undoubtedly wondered why their grass seed didn’t grow; the simple answer is that they didn’t water enough.

Mother Nature helps occasionally. Rain is best. Yet on those beautiful fall days where skies are clear and sunny, you have to step in.

Ideally you can water in the morning, when temperatures are cool but not cold. Plan to leave the sprinkler on for at least 30 minutes. Water the entire newly-seeded area every day. Part of the requisite diligence is moving a sprinkler around to reach everywhere, if needed.

How long should this go on? Again, diligence – plan on three to four weeks. After this period, alternate sprinkling every other day until the new grass is well established.

Generally, the new grass can be cut with a hand mower (not riding) after five weeks. Set the cutting height to 4 inches the first time. Lower the cutting height to 3-1/2 inches for the next two mowings. Afterward, a cutting height of 3 inches is fine.

By this time, the new grass might be wearing a blanket of fallen leaves. Just cut them up and leave the remains as fertilizer.

Nature will help nurture your new lawn; your part is filling in the gaps, especially watering. Together, you can create a healthy, green lawn that’s ready for winter, and ultimately the growing season that re-emerges next year.

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