Who Is Grounds Maintenance Services?

Everybody has a place they call home. More than a physical location, it’s where they feel secure, grounded and tied in with the community.

For Grounds Maintenance Services, “home” is Brookfield, Wis.

IAs a deeply-rooted Brookfield business, GMS understands the value that people place on their yards and landscapes. We stay abreast of the latest techniques and technology to keep our customers’ properties looking their best. Our staff is fully trained and certified to undertake any needed projects or tasks.

Above all, our definition of success is building relationships based on communication. Our customers are always “in the loop” about what we are doing for them. It’s a simple formula that goes beyond typical “customer service.”

You see, our customers aren’t just names on an invoice. They’re our friends, neighbors and fellow Brookfield residents. We feel a special bond with them. That feeling shows in the work we do.

Grounds Maintenance Services Vision Statement

Delivering environmental services through personal relationships built on communication.

Grounds Maintenance Services Mission Statement

Grounds Maintenance Services is a team providing high quality, fair priced landscape services.

Believing that all clients should enjoy the same quality of workmanship no matter how small the service or how large the project. We stay on top of the industry. Our competition helps us to learn to be the best. We move with technology to bring the best to you.

We give you the well manicured property you deserve, along with minimizing the environmental impact.

Grounds Maintenance Services Culture Statement

COMMITMENT: I give myself and everything I commit to 100% until I succeed. I am committed to the vision, mission, culture and success of Grounds Maintenance Services, its current and future team, and its clients at all times.

HONESTY: I am always honest with everyone I work with, informing my family, friends and clients of the future outcome of everything I do. I will always speak the truth.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Being truly accountable for all the actions taken in my life. I am accountable for my results and I know for things to change, first I must change.

COMMUNICATION: I speak positively of my fellow team members, my clients, and Grounds Maintenance Services in both public and private. I take responsibility for my communication with those I speak with and look for solutions to their concerns.

SUCCESS: To have success I must focus on the matter at hand. I must have confidence in myself and those I associate with to truly have a successful outcome.

CONSISTENCY: I am consistent in my actions so that all feel comfortable in dealing with me at all times. I am disciplined in my work so my results, growth and success are consistent.

TEAM WORK: I am a team player and a team leader. I work with a group of trained individuals that can stay together and achieve goals. I always look for change if what I am doing is not working. I always ask for help when needed.

EDUCATION: I learn from my mistakes. Sharing wins and losses will provide a better solution to gain more wins. I will constantly be learning from everything I do whether right or wrong.

APPRECIATION: I appreciate all those who help me accomplish my personal and business goals. I acknowledge the positive actions of others. I say thank you and show appreciation often and in many ways, so that all around me know how much I appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life.

SYSTEMS: I always look to the system for a solution. If a challenge arises I use a system correction before I look for a people correction. I follow a system exactly until a new system is introduced.

FUN: I view fun as part of my balance to life. I create an atmosphere of fun so all around me can enjoy it.

Client Testimonial: I wanted to drop you a quick thank you for all of your contributions to the success and growth of the IMS organization.  Read full testimonial