Your Spring Yard and Home Checklist, Part 2

Growing season has begun. Grass has greened, trees are budding and bushes are sprouting new shoots. Earth is reborn all around us, as nature keeps its annual promise of new beginnings.

This spring restart isn’t just about aesthetics, though. There’s work to be done.

Winter is hard on lawns and landscaping in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI. Part 2 of our Spring Yard and Home Checklist focuses on the annual challenge of getting the yard back in shape, ready to face the warmth of summer and inspection of neighbors.

Rarely does the “to-do” list fail. Prepare the shovels, rakes and work gloves to tackle these tasks:

  • Bare spots in lawn: Some grass die-off is inevitable in winter. Does your lawn have bare spots? Time to get moving. The window is narrow to get new grass growing before summer’s heat and drought closes it. This post explains the steps in growing new grass. Pay special attention to the last step: water, water, water.
  • Fertilizing: Grass goes dormant in the cold months. Think it doesn’t wake up hungry, like a hibernating bear? An application of fertilizer provides the kick-start to get a lawn growing again.
  • Planting beds clean-up: Did you miss cleaning out some leaves and debris from planting beds last fall? Do so now, before the leftovers become havens for mold and disease. Be sure to dispose of any materials cleaned out.

Spring yard cleanup in Brookfield WI

  • Weeds: You might not see them yet, but they’re waiting. Head off weeds in your planting beds by applying a pre-emergent prevention product such as Preen. These products won’t kill existing weeds, but go a long way toward stopping new ones. Carefully follow directions about how much to use.
  • Mulch: Adding mulch to planting beds has multiple benefits. The cover retains soil moisture. It hinders weed growth. And, it just looks nice. What kind of mulch should you use? This post examines the value and drawbacks of different types of mulch. One big takeaway: The “free” mulch you get at a municipal recycling center can cost more later.
  • Water shutoffs: You’ve probably already opened the shutoff valves to outside water spigots. Find the main inside shutoff valve, and give it a turn to ensure it still closes completely. Should you ever have a frozen pipe or other serious leak, you’ll need this.

Many homeowners don’t mind spring yard work. Being back outdoors amid sun and warmth is rejuvenating. But if you’re short on time – or just feel like golfing instead – GMS can handle all your spring lawn and landscaping needs. Contact us for a free estimate.

Thankfully, spring isn’t just about yard work. Many welcome the opportunity to open windows, pull the bicycles out of storage, or just sit in a lawn chair. Even if it’s an annual cycle, some new beginnings never grow old.

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