Six Steps to Choosing the Greatest Christmas Tree Ever

Ever dance with an evergreen?

A curious question, perhaps. But anyone who has chosen a fresh Christmas tree has done the dance.

Think about it. There’s the initial attraction. The touching. The holding. The twirling. Perhaps you lifted it, and gently set it down again.

Why not enjoy the dance? For many, choosing a Christmas tree is a holiday tradition in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI. Tree lots are full of trees of different shapes and sizes, all smelling good and waiting for the music.

Are your dancing shoes (and hats and gloves) ready? Follow our 6-step process to find the greatest Christmas tree ever. Make it one that puts a smile on your face, and a jig in your heart.

1)    Measure up: Before leaving home, decide where the tree will go, and measure the height and width of available space. Measure the size of the tree stand, too – an oversized trunk will create a sappy mess (literally) to trim back. Don’t forget to bring a tape measure to the tree lot!

2)    Enjoy the colors: A tree’s color is meaningful. A fresh tree is dark green with no yellow or brown needles. The shades of color vary with species. End rule? Go for the green to get the most for your “green.”

3)    Bend, don’t break: Bend the ends of the branches on trees. They should be pliable. If brittle, move to the next tree.

Christmas tree selection in Brookfield, WI

4)    Needling around: A tree’s needles reveal much about its overall condition. The needles of firs and spruces should snap when bent. Conversely, longer pine needles should flex easily. Run a hand across some branches to see for yourself.

5)    Give it a shake: Give the tree a shake, or bounce it on the ground. If it lets loose a shower of needles, keep going.

6)    Ask around: Many lots get their trees from outside suppliers. Some might be getting old, especially if they aren’t grown locally. Ask the lot attendants some questions: Where did the trees come from? How long ago were they cut? If you don’t like the answers – or they don’t know – consider moving on. Chances are there’s another lot a few blocks away.

No time to buy a Christmas tree? GMS offers complete Christmas tree delivery service in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI. We’ll bring a tree to your home, add decorations, and pick it up (and vacuum) after Christmas. Contact us to have your Christmas tree delivered.

A fresh Christmas tree brings the holiday spirit (and a wonderful smell) into your home. If this makes you feel like dancing, don’t hold back.

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