With the high temperatures and lack of rain, here are a few tips to maintain your property along with a few "Hot Day" activities for all ages!


Steps to take to protect your property from the drought:

1. Install mulch to all planting beds.  Installing mulch will help to retain water and protect trees and plants.

2. Trim excess growth from plant material.

3. Cut out any dead wood or flowers from plant material.

4. Water plants approximately 1” per week.

5. Clear away any growth from windows and air-conditioning units.

6. Clean gutters to remove spring seed drop.

7. Perform proper grading around foundation to prepare for fall rains.

8. Continue to water any new plantings or grass.

Activities to do during hot weather:

1. Go swimming and don’t forget the sun screen! Find a public pool in your area: http://www.ci.waukesha.wi.us/web/guest/wprfpool

2. Want a break from the heat? Go see a movie!

3. Make a pitcher of cucumber water. Instead of loading up on sugar and processed drinks, try a nice light naturally flavored drink.

4. Grill out! Refrain from turning on the stove/oven and heating the kitchen up by doing all your cooking outside.

5. Get your daily walk/run in early in the morning before the sun warms everything up!

6. Go to the beach! While nothing compares to that of the ocean, Bradford Beach offers a great place to lay out, volleyball courts, the Snack Shack and a refreshingly cool body of water for when the heat is just too much.

7. Build your own ice cream sundae. Kids (of all ages) will get a kick out of getting ice cream or frozen yogurt and getting add all on their own toppings!

8. Stay inside with the A/C on full blast and have the kids make some 4th of July themed crafts! Check out the following link for some great ideas for all ages! http://familyfun.go.com/4th-of-july/4th-of-july-crafts/

We hope you are able to put some of these tips to good use! If you have any questions, on the property maintenance side of things, just let us know.

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