It's Not too Late for a Healthy "June Prune!"

Even with July’s arrival just around the corner, our summer thus far has been anything but hot and dry. Perhaps this will change.

Just in case, you still have time to sneak in some invaluable pruning on perennials and shrubs in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI.

A “June prune” (as it’s typically called) is done to prepare landscape plants for the hot, dry weather ahead. After flowering, plants need to recoup their energy in preparation for the changing conditions.

Pruning is more than just random lopping. Size matters. Cutting off too much, or too little, of a plant can have minimal benefit, and might even be harmful.

Summer pruning in Brookfield, WI

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Trim back leafy branches to the nearest junction with another branch. That’s it – no more. Never cut more than one-third of a plant’s size at any time.

Be sure to use sharp shears, too. Ragged cuts are more susceptible to insects and disease.

Limit a “June prune” to perennials and bushes. If a plant still hasn’t flowered, wait on trimming. Water plants after pruning to help them recover. Adding mulch is always a good idea to retain soil moisture and protect root systems.

Leave trees alone; they’re best pruned in the fall and winter. The exception is evergreens, which should be pruned in early summer.

Pruning shapes plants and prepares them for the rest of the year. Done correctly, it encourages new growth and improves their overall health.

A “June prune” is smart landscaping. Some years, it even stretches into July. After all, a calendar doesn’t call the shots - Mother Nature ultimately holds all the cards.

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