Give your lawn a breath of fresh air!

Spring is when many homeowners look at their yards and ponder what to do first.

Given the dry spring we’ve experienced this year, one recommendation jumps out above all others: Give your lawn a breath of fresh air!

“Aeration” is the term, and the process. With soil in many places already displaying late-summer, heat-baked hardness, it’s a smart move on many fronts.

Aeration uses a machine that pulls out plugs of soil, loosening the ground and opening new pathways for air, water and fertilizer. The work minimizes thatch and helps grass roots grow stronger and deeper. Lawns should be aerated at least every few years, ideally in spring.

In areas with poorly-drained clay soil – such as Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI – lawn aeration can give grass a tremendous jump start on early-season growth. It’s even more important when rain is scarce and soil is already dry.

Chances are very good Lawn aeration in Brookfield, WIyou don’t own a lawn aerator. Most equipment rental stores do. Reserve a unit soon if you plan to aerate yourself. They’ll become very popular in the weeks ahead.

If you’re picking up a lawn aerator at a rental store, be sure to take a companion. The machines are bulky and very heavy. Trying to lift on your own could result in serious injury, not to mention futility. An extra pair of strong hands can help heft it safely into a vehicle.

Of course, if you prefer neither the work nor the risk, the trained lawn professionals at GMS will aerate your yard. Just contact us to get the aerator rolling. We’d probably do the work in fall, which is also an ideal time for aerating a yard.

We’ll examine some of the finer points of lawn aeration next week. If you’re one of those homeowners considering the first lawn care steps of spring, trust us: This is what you should do.

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