Fall awaits … and opportunities, too

Hear that loud bouncing sound on the roof? Or deck? Or car?

It’s acorns. Hard, round and earth-bound, they are messengers of fall’s arrival.

The change of seasons is near. Summer is slowly giving way to fall (despite the mid-80s temperatures this week). Recent nights have cooled. Moisture tinges the early-morning grass.

Fall represents a second opportunity, of sorts, for your yard and landscaping.

Early fall in Brookfield, WI

Summer heat is hard on grass and plantings. Some might have died. Your lawn could be laced with brown. Weeds might be popping up, despite seemingly inhospitable growing conditions.

Fall is a chance to repair summer drought damage, wherever it’s occurred. It’s the best season for growing almost anything. In the coming weeks, we’ll tackle several topics about getting your yard back up to speed - green and strong.

Do you need lawn or garden tools for the work ahead? This is a good time to buy. Stores want to clean out inventory. Make a list and work the deals.

Fall looms in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI. Don’t believe us? Just listen to the acorns.

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