No, You're Not Imagining: The Weather is Off Kilter

If this summer has seemed rather unsummer-like, you’re not imagining things.

June was marked by cooler-than-normal temperatures and lots of rain. It’s almost like May … which it essentially was.

Call it a winter hangover. The abnormally harsh cold season a few months past, with its extended frigidity and endless snow, is still affecting us.

Growing season is about three weeks behind. The culprit, after all these months, is still the winter. Its extreme cold drove frost 3 to 4 feet deep into the ground. The soil didn’t warm up until the deep freeze finally exited, much later than normal.

Perennials were tardy. Lilacs that bloom in May finally sprung forth in June. Nearly all flowering shrubs are blooming later.

These aren’t problems with your plants. They’re just following the adjusted schedule that Mother Nature set this year. Consequently, you should delay pruning to fit the schedule, too (we’ll cover this topic next week).

Lawns have been largely unaffected. Grass has shallow roots, so wasn’t bothered by the penetrating deep freeze. Again, staying with the delayed growing season, hold off on fertilizing until July.

“So,” you’re thinking, “this means that summer will be extended a few weeks longer, right?” Unfortunately, no. The bad news is that, while summer keeps us all waiting like a bride on her wedding day, it won’t stay any longer than usual.

Nature giveth and taketh. We all breathed a sigh of relief when winter finally let go its icy, paralyzing grip. Little did we think it would still be laughing at us on the cusp of July. Perhaps it’s a reminder of the forces that really run this green, ever-changing world we live in.

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