A Mid-Summer Guide to Drought Survival

If you like hot, dry weather, this is your time of year.

Mid-summer drought is in full swing. Rain is infrequent at best. When it does show up, precipitation is usually in storms long on thunder and short in duration.

The impact on your lawn and landscaping is often a tale of two green entities. Grass survives by halting its growth, often turning brown in dormancy. Landscape plants don’t have the “off” switch, though; without assistance, i.e. watering, some will likely perish.

Like many homeowners in Brookfield, Elm Grove and New Berlin, WI, you’ve probably put a lot of work into your lawn and landscaping. Want to avoid watching it all shrivel away? This multi-step guide can help:

  • Either water grass, or don’t. Jumping back and forth stresses a lawn and weakens its overall health. If grass turns brown, it’s dormant; the green will return with regular rains.
  • Adjust the height on your lawn mower to a high setting, where minimal length is taken off grass. Taller grass has deeper roots, which are critical to lawn health.
  • Speaking of lawn mowing, leave clippings on the lawn after cutting. They provide valuable nutrients. This is a good idea throughout lawn mowing season.

Drought landscaping in Brookfield, Elm Grove WI

  • Don’t fertilize. Fertilizing is for spring and fall, when grass is actively growing.
  • Go after lawn weeds. Drought weakens them, like other plants. Use a liquid herbicide to take them out, once and for all.
  • Water landscape plants regularly, up to an inch a week depending on rain. Watch for plants showing obvious signs of distress: curled leaves, drooping or lack of color.
  • Add mulch where needed to help planting beds retain soil moisture, and keep them looking neat and well-kept.

Need help keeping your lawn and landscaping healthy, no matter the time of year? Contact GMS for a free consultation and estimate.

You might not have the time to put into your lawn and landscaping, but we always do. Get out and enjoy summer – come January and February, we’ll look back fondly on these days!

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