Prepare your driveway for the snowy season ahead!

Anyone who stepped outside this week grasped that winter has arrived in Brookfield, WI. Fortunately, not all the conditions experienced in winter’s depths have taken hold.

The ground is frozen, but shallowly. Snow is just an inch or two deep. The serious cold is forecast to break soon.

In other words, there’s still time to prepare for winter’s real wrath in Elm Grove and New Berlin.

Winter snowplowing in Brookfield, WI

Your driveway is probably still pretty clear. It’s easiest to prepare for clearing significant snow off a driveway before it actually falls, and while it’s warm enough to still feel your hands and fingers.

Avoiding damage to your property and possessions is paramount. These tips can make winter snow clearing as safe and uneventful as possible:

  • Put in driveway markers around layout of the paving, especially at corners and curves. Yes, frost has crept into soil, but a warmup forecast in the week ahead will hopefully thaw the ground. Take advantage of the window of opportunity. If the ground is still too hard, use a drill with a ¼-inch bit to create holes for the markers.
  • Add markers at anything you want a plow or snowblower to avoid: ditches, well caps, sewer covers, fire hydrants, raised culverts, lighting or decorative items
  • Move items at least 10 feet away from the driveway to create room for snow piling: trailers, boats, basketball hoops, birdbaths and planters
  • If you hire out snow plowing – we’re glad to help you, of course – invite the contractor to inspect your driveway before the snow flies. They can point out any other spots that should be marked.
  • Again, if you hire out snow plowing, take photographs of your property prior to snowfall. If it’s damaged by a plow, you’ll have evidence and can ask that it be repaired.

November is a good time to replace broken snow removal gear. Once winter hits in full, shovels and roof rakes will disappear quickly from store shelves. Stock up on snow melt product, too.

Winter is, for better or worse, unavoidable. There’s still some time to get ready, though. Steering clear of the season’s hangups is largely about preparation. A week or two can make all the difference in comfort and safety, and how you ride out the months ahead.

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